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Well, I did it!

I thought maybe I just had the patience of Job, but I honestly think it's an OCD obsession to finish stuff I start, but I successfully (I hope) edited ALL my graphics posts to change the links to my new server away from Photobucket. Took me about 3 days to do it because I had to hunt through my old tags here and over at crimson_iink.

Photobucket has just been a big pain to deal with because I was grandfathered in (with so many others) with the $24.95 a year plan and I'm only about 3% capacity with what I have so far. Now, they can't seem to charge my card for the plan and I'm sure that when I contact them, they will want me to sign on to the new plan, which is much higher for more space that I'd just waste. So, why do that when I have my own server that I pay for with unlimited space?? So I downloaded everything from Photobucket and I'm still hunting for all the animated icons/banners because Photobucket doesn't download anything animated. Once that's done, I'll remove them completely.

So, thanks Photobucket. You were handy in the days of icontests when I only needed to copy a code, but you did away with that. Now, you're not needed. Moving on....
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Writer's Block: Eraser dust

If you could delete one thing in life from ever existing what would it be, and why? (e.g., paper not being invented or the color ‘blue’)

I would say cigarettes. Worst stuff to ever be invented. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to create something that you inhaled? The first puff making you choke and cough surely would be an indication that it might not be a good idea. But to continue on with it? Of course by the time it was discovered to be dangerous and cancer causing, most people are too hooked to quit. What's worse is NOW, in this decade, when we are fully aware of what happens when you smoke and kids are still willing to pick it up and do it. I don't get it.

(In all honesty, I was going to say something else (not political, I assure you), but I knew it would draw a lot of flack and most likely lose some of my friends here, so...)
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If anyone would like to have a look....

I posted some new icons. I know it's been a while, but hopefully no one has forgotten about me. :)


#1-20 - stock and art icons from April
#21-26 - stock and art icons from August
#27-52 - stock from September (images from lamodeillustree)
#53-56 - icons from grafx_challenge

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Yet another young person loses their battle with addiction and the perils of fame. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment today in London. Didn't care for her or her music, but can't help but feel sad that, at 27, her life is cut short and it was her own fault. I guess i sound like an old person but young people just think they're invincible and often times they discover just how wrong they are. And most likely, she didn't really care either way.

Goes to show you.... money and success doesn't give one character, it just enhances the character you already have. That can be good or bad. Can't wait for her to be turned into a cult hero like they did Curt Cobain. *shakes head*
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