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Finally figuring this thing out!

Well, has it reached obsession level when you see 300 7 times?  Umm....
Just finished my 7th viewing and you'd think by now that.....well, don't want to spoil it. ;)
So here you are, a few more goodies i put together this morning.  Enjoy.....

Oh and btw....
me being new to LJ....does anyone happen to know how to put those little links at the bottom of the posts that link back to another post?  You've seen them all, at the left hand corner of the posts, sometimes with little sayings and such, then you click on it and it takes you to another post.  Lots of icon makers do this.  Sure would like to know how, unless its so obvious its under my nose, yet that wouldn't surprise me a bit.  So, help a girl out, k?

More from A Christmas Story:


and some from 300:


Go ahead, go hug the King....I mean, he's know...
Tags: 300, a christmas story, michael fassbender

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