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17 June 2017 @ 10:51 am
Well, I did it!  
I thought maybe I just had the patience of Job, but I honestly think it's an OCD obsession to finish stuff I start, but I successfully (I hope) edited ALL my graphics posts to change the links to my new server away from Photobucket. Took me about 3 days to do it because I had to hunt through my old tags here and over at crimson_iink.

Photobucket has just been a big pain to deal with because I was grandfathered in (with so many others) with the $24.95 a year plan and I'm only about 3% capacity with what I have so far. Now, they can't seem to charge my card for the plan and I'm sure that when I contact them, they will want me to sign on to the new plan, which is much higher for more space that I'd just waste. So, why do that when I have my own server that I pay for with unlimited space?? So I downloaded everything from Photobucket and I'm still hunting for all the animated icons/banners because Photobucket doesn't download anything animated. Once that's done, I'll remove them completely.

So, thanks Photobucket. You were handy in the days of icontests when I only needed to copy a code, but you did away with that. Now, you're not needed. Moving on....
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