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Yes, my friends, it's that time again...

...that time where I bore everyone here senseless with my icon/graphics post.  So, without further you go.  Most are from contests that i've entered.  Hope you all enjoy.

Resources are listed in the mems....

Preview: ????
Lord...sorry 'bout that.  It's 105 degrees right now and my brain has melted.  Just go under the cut to see them, you don't need a preview anyway.  Hell, you all know my work by now, you can guess how they look, right? ;)

Gerard/Phantom related (contests): 


Misc. (contests): 


Simpsons' banners: 


Gerard banner: 


Misc actress and stock wallpapers: 
(pics of Vivian, Natalie and Gene snagged from silver_stills)

Tags: gene tierney, gerard butler, icons, ljbanners, natalie wood, simpsons, vivien leigh, wallpapers

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