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HUGE non-Gerry graphics post! (well...yes, a tiny bit of Gerry)

This is just for non-fandom stock and contest entries.  I'll make a big Gerry post next week, promise!

Snag what you like, credit me please and enjoy!

15 Lotus flower icons
6 Flower icons (pics by rawenen)
26 Misc stock/contests/Cary Grant and Francis Farmer
1 Gerard Butler banner
2 Gerard Butler banner/icon sets


Lotus flowers:
These are textless. Please do not alter, these are not bases.
Whoever replies to this post with the number they want, I'll be glad to put their name or text of their choice on it.
Examples of text, using my name: 

Of course I can use many different fonts and styles.

I can't remember now who made these bases. I know they didn't require credit, but I'd like to acknowledge them.
1)  2)  3) 4)  5)  6) 
7)  8)  9)  10)  11)  12) 

Stock photos courtesy of  rawenen
Large photos here! 


Misc stock/contests/Cary Grant and Francis Farmer:
Lips bases by  artisticons 
Colorful flowers by: vblackangelv


Gerard Butler banner and icon sets: 
(Yes, I have to get in just a bit of Gerry, don't I?)



Tags: flowers, gerard butler, icons, ljbanners, stock

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