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I'd been on livejournal for a while now and while I do mostly graphics now, I also do a lot of writing.  My main enjoyment is fanfiction, but a few years ago, I published a couple of books.  I would love if it everyone would check them out.  Yes, they're self-published and the big problem was, was my inexperience.  Although I'm proud of them, I would love to go back and re-edit them, not just for the silly grammer mistakes (because self-publishers don't employ editors and I thought I'd caught everything on the first run) but also for content.  I especially love Forever Stirling and I know I could have expanded it, but it started out, like they all did, on the internet first.  So if you can get past the few goofs in the book, I think you'll like the stories.    

And for you Gerry gals out there....picture him as Ian in Forever Stirling...oh my....

Forever Stirling


Victoria paused, momentarily unable to answer the question.  “I love him.” She said, flatly.
    “No, that’s not what I asked.  I asked you if you were in love with him?”
    “What's the difference?”
    Ian looked up at her, a sudden fire began to flame in his dark eyes.  “What's the difference?  The difference is that when you look at him, does your heart sing?  Does your most inner being ache to be next to him?  Does your eyes light up when you see him?  When you're apart, do you dream about him, dream about the moment when you’ll be together again?  That’s what being in love means….do you know how I know?  Because that’s how I’ve felt since the first moment we saw each other.  I just don’t love you Ria, I’m in love with you.  It’s deep, heartfelt, and real.  That’s the difference.”
    “Scott and I are in love, we have felt those feelings….”
    “Felt?  You have been away from him for a week.  Don’t you miss him?”
    “Yes, of course I do….” She tried to say, but she was fooling herself, and he knew it.
    “You're lying.  Your lying to me, and you're lying to yourself.  If you missed him so much, why did you make love to me?  I felt your fire and passion coming through every part of you that night….tell me you didn't feel it.”
    “I don’t know what you want me to say Ian….what do you want?” she cried out, turning around to leave.
    He grabbed her, spinning her around to face him, his hands digging into her arms.  “I want you to stay with me!  I want you to tell me you love me, that you can’t live without me….the way I love you!  Please, stay with me.  I know you don’t want to go back, that life isn’t you.”


Blood and Roses:
Two Tales From The Lost Souls Journals


Curse of the Black Rose

The young woman settled down in the car and gave him directions to a little hole in the wall hotel.  When he pulled into the hotel parking lot, he was relieved to find that it was one he hadn’t occupied previously.  Cautiously looking around the whole time, Paul followed the young woman up to her hotel room door and watched as she opened it.  He took a moment to peek inside and allowed her to turn on a small light before going in and shutting the door behind him.  The woman walked over to the bed, letting her small purse and jacket fall to the floor.  Neither one spoke in their exchange as Paul reached into his wallet and pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to her, which she placed on her nightstand.  As she began to undress, Paul took off his coat and sat down on the bed to watch.  Although he was sure this woman was lovely, he was on the clock and needed to get down to business, so he took her by the hand and sat her down on the bed in front of him.  Reaching around in front of her, he gently began rubbing her small breasts, a small distraction rather than something he found enticing.  His goal was the sweet blood that lied just beneath the skin surface and wanting his hungry lips to taste her tender skin.  He took his fingers and traced the delicate lines of her neck and leaned her head to one side, exposing the deep veins that ran along it.  He licked his lips hungrily and placed his mouth deep onto her neck then forcefully, he bit down, feeling a sudden rush of hot blood fill his mouth.  The young woman jumped momentarily, but the more blood that left her body, the deeper the sigh that escaped her lips.
     “Ummmm, what are you doing?  That feels so…” she whimpered, her hands clutching the bedspread.
    Paul continued to take in the blood slowly, savoring every drop, while his hands ran down her stomach and to the soft skin between her long, thin thighs. All the while, the young woman's cries of passion were now getting louder and louder.  Never before had she experienced such intense pleasure.  He listened to her and soon, her moaning grew softer and softer and as he took the last drop from her, she went limp in his arms, her last breath slowly dissipating.
    He stopped long enough to look down at the now empty shell of the vibrant young woman with little emotion. “Thank you, my dear.” he muttered coldly as he laid the lifeless woman on the bed, took his money, his coat and quietly left the hotel room.

The Blackbird Contagion

Excerpt One:
Nick Severn stared bitterly at his reflection in the foggy mirror that hung in the small bathroom.  Nothing about himself, his long black hair that he always kept in a tight ponytail, his unshaven face, his cool blue eyes, made him feel like he was anything more than what he was, a tormented individual with nothing left to live for.  Behind him, perched in the corner, as in immeasurable days prior, was the blackbird.  Always remaining out of the sight of the others, the bird simply exists, never speaking in protest; it sits perched like a black statue, a trophy of Nick’s immortal curse. His destiny, to spend eternity linked with it, with no end in sight.

Excerpt Two:
It didn’t take long for her to slip past the crew and fans long enough to make it to the door, where she stood for a moment, waiting, second thoughts flying through her brain.  Somehow, all of a sudden, it seemed wrong to interfere.  His world, after all, was private, no matter how bizarre it might be.  But, she had come so far to know the truth and she couldn’t stop, so taking a deep breath, she summoned the strength to knock.  There was no response.  She scoffed at herself; maybe she’d been naïve enough to let the girl play a trick on her.  But, before giving up, she tried one last time.  This time, she could hear movement inside, and she felt certain that someone was waiting for her to leave.  She knocked a third time, this time a bit longer and harder.  I’m not giving up, she said to herself.
    “Go away.” A voice said from behind the door.  
    She was sure it was Nick.  She knocked on the door again.  This time the door flew open and a very angry looking man stood on the other side.  “Fucking hell!  I said go away!” his voice rang out with deep, resenting anger.  When he looked at Claudia, he knew immediately that this was the woman Marilee had warned him about.  That didn’t make him feel anymore congenial.
    “I’m sorry to bother you.” She replied to him, her voice momentarily cracking with nervousness, although she couldn’t figure out why since she wasn’t particularly a fan and wasn’t easily intimidated.  “I was hoping to talk to you.  I’m…”
    He immediately interrupted her.  “I know who you are.” He looked her up and down.  While a very attractive young woman, shapely build, soft green eyes…perhaps a woman he would have liked to have known any other time…. he was angry that she was trying to dig up something that was none of her business.  “I have nothing to say to you.  Go away, or I’ll have you removed.”
    Claudia felt her spine stiffen, her nose twitch.  His rudeness was met by her own.  “I know your band mates and most of your road crew have gone, so if you wanna throw me out, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

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