April 20th, 2007

animated - butterly

Will I ever make up my mind??

Here I go, changing themes again.  *sigh* But i like this one, its a bit brighter, so I may keep it a while.

Have a little survey thing to pass around, thanks to

stardust78.  I don't normally do these, but i said what the hell.....

Book You're Reading Right Now? The Immortal Highlander
Newspaper of choice? Local paper
Drive a Hybrid? No
Current Car? Town and Country mini van (boooooooring)
Favorite Word? duh!
Do You Wear Glasses? Yes
Crosswords or Sudoku? Crosswords
Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush? Barry Manilow
Porn Name? I had one a while back but forgot it, one of those online generators
Can You Legally Drink? Yes but I don't do it
Are You Old Enough To Run For Senate (=> 30)? Yep, but don't wanna
Favorite False rumor About Yourself? None, thank goodness
Bath or Shower? Shower
Pyjamas or no pyjamas? Pyjamas
Best Impersonation? No one
Is The Name You're Known By The Name On Your Birth Certificate? Yes
If You Wear A Colored Bracelet, Which One? Pink, made myself
Have You Ever Been Arrested? No.
Do People Have Trouble Spelling Your Name? Nope
Are You Renee Zellweger? Uh, nope.
What is the sexiest scent on the person you're attracted to? A warm musky scent.


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Answer and pass on if you wish!

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