April 22nd, 2007

ipod girl

Some more icons....

Made some more icons from 300 and one of Gerry by himself.

Most of the bases are courtesy of thespian_geek     .  Thank you thank you!  
The do dads, text and textures are mine.  Hope everyone likes. ;)

(btw, apparently with this icon generator, when I view the entry without the cut, the icons are there, but if I view the cut, the icons disappear, yet when I edit the entry, they reappear, if anyone doesn't see the icons, please tell me and I'll fix it....ugh)

UPDATE: got rid of the generator, hope this works better.  *sighs*

11 icons
1 Gerry
10 from 300
   5 of Stelios (1 is animated)
   2 of The Captain
   1 of Dilios
   1 of the King
   1 Dilios' hand (lol)

If you take, please let me know and credit both myself and thespian_geek    .

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