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P.S. I Love You trailer screencaps!

I made some screencaps from the new P.S. I Love You trailer.  These are not watermarked, so I'd rather you keep it for private use, graphics making, etc,  all I ask is to credit me for them if you make something with them. 

As you noticed, I made reverse images on some of them.  I'm sure most all of you could tell that in some shots, our Gerry was backwards.  Why, I don't know, but he looked too wonky for me, so I fixed it.  I mean really.....someone in the trailer editing department couldn't see that Gerry was playing the guitar left handed and wondered if that was right?  I mean hell, the guy behind him was playing left handed too!  Not likey that two guitar players would be playing left handed at the same time.  *sigh*

And if you'd like to download the high res trailers, you can go to my website for the links!

Anyway, hope you enjoy them.  Thanks!


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