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31 March 2007 @ 09:57 am
Okay, going for take two! *MAKEUP!!*  

*sigh* Okay, trying to figure out this cut thing...bare with me....

Am i here now??
I appears so....okay, so now that i'm here, here is a goodie for you all!

Its a new sig I did last night, thanks to Roxanne for finding me such good, big clear pics! *sigh*

Oh and thanks to spikesbint for the coloring tutorial on my userpic. I took the pic I had that she used for an example and tried it, unfortunately, I couldn't get the coloring on the shirt right, it was really funky, so I cropped it out LOL! I'll keep trying with the others that are black and white, the Rankin photos are one of my favorites and I always wanted to color them! Oh, and the brush is hers also. I typically make my own, but she has such good ones, I thought I'd use hers as well. Much thanks!