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04 October 2007 @ 10:43 am
Chapter One from The Fallen is now up!  
Hope you enjoy and if you read and like it, be sure to comment to this post only, not to the community.  Thanks!

Chapter One-At First Sight 

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alatariel10: Typewriteralatariel10 on October 9th, 2007 08:06 pm (UTC)
I can't understand why more people haven't watched the community! The story is awesome. I read Chapter 1 on my iPod last night before bed; amazing! The last line was a powerful way to end. I don't know why I think that, but I do. ^^; Awaiting Chapter 2!

And are you doing NaNoWriMo? Different story for that? Just curious.

Crazy Cheeky Girly Geek: Azazeal-Watchinggreeneyedmissy on October 10th, 2007 01:13 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'm glad someone is enjoying it! Roxanne and I hope we'll get more there to read it as time goes on.

Yes, I'm entering NaNoWriMo, but not this story of course. I have my outline laid out and ready. It'll be my first year, but i'm no stranger to writing 50,000 word novels in short time spans, I just have to sit down and concentrate.
alatariel10alatariel10 on October 10th, 2007 01:18 am (UTC)
I actually made an outline this year; I've done it the last two years, but lost both of them (mostly due to lack of plot and partly lack of time/attention span). But this year I'm almost ready, which is more than in the past.

Good luck; maybe I can word war with you or something. I'm sure you wouldn't need it, but maybe it'd help me. ;)
Crazy Cheeky Girly Geek: forget me not -pen and inkgreeneyedmissy on October 10th, 2007 01:26 am (UTC)
Sounds cool, anything to keep us both motivated! :D