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10 April 2007 @ 07:14 pm
New layout and stuff along them there lines....  
Yeah, don't freak at the subject line, I just decided I wanted a custom banner for my page.

Strange that LJ doesn't offer more layouts with that option, but anyway.

For the purpose of blah blah's and so i don't get nailed for it, the lyrics on the banner are from the song Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva off the CD Blood Stained Love Story. I like the song a lot, so I decided to make a banner out of it. I hope they don't have anything similar on their site, but if they do, don't email me about it okay? I didn't copy.

I'll get to posting more graphics soon, still resting and recovering from surgery, I don't try to spend a ton of time in this silly chair unless I have to right now.


How I'm feeling: ecstaticecstatic
What I'm listening to:: Saliva-Ladies and Gentlemen