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A meme and Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, rawenen, I hope its been a great day for you!

And this meme, snagged from rdhaht. I didn't have the most exciting answers, but it's cute nonetheless.

January and February I wasn't on LJ then, so there are no entries!

It appears I'm quite ready for this now.

So, this will be my last post for a while as I'm going on a short hiatus.

Hi! Okay, here is my new fanfiction story.

All I will say out of the cut is that he looked amazing! *fans*

Sorry, I would have edited and added this to the previous post, but LJ seems to get real funny about editing if you've done a cut.

Lots and lots of icons this time. ;)

Not quite as much Gerry as I'd hoped, but its been a slow week for me.

Yes, it needed to be gone...purged and ready to be snagged.

Here you go.....

Here are a few things I worked on during NaNo. Hope you like!
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