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Lookie what I made!!

FINALLY figured out how to do this ipod thing! Thanks to a tutorial by abyssinia and a couple of others, I think I have my own method figured out which is a bit easier I think. Don't have to do all that select/inverse stuff. So here it is. And I shouldn't have to say it but it seems it needs to be said, please don't take these and claim you did them. Yes, I know its not a unique design, but I did take the time to make them, so please don't be a lazy ass and steal. Use your brain and go learn to make them yourself.

This is the original:

And this is a bit different, with extra doo-dads, as ravenroxanne likes doo-dads!

I have another couple of variations and I can also do different colors if anyone wants something other than green (just through green would be xmas festive!) Just let me know. ;)

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For those interested, i'll be making another small icon post here in the next couple of days, before xmas. :D
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