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Chapter Eight of Haven is up at toxicscarlet

Part One:
“My Lady.” Mary Ellen put her hand on Isabella’s shoulder, “I will tell you what I told Lillian. The last person to go up there was another housemaid. She was young, had not been here long and was too curious for her own good. She picked the lock and went inside. What she found there, no one knows because Lord Erik saw her there and took her away before anyone could ask her what was inside. She did not return.”

Part Two:
The vision of her in her new gown was breathtaking. Green. A color he would not normally find flattering in a gown, but the lightness of it, mingled with her eyes, which he still couldn’t quite identify as green, like Rebecca’s, nor brown, like... he cleared his throat. Too close a thought for right now. No, hazel was indeed the best assumption for her eyes, a pure mixture of many colors.

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