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19 February 2008 @ 12:13 pm
New goodies for the taking at crimson_iink  
I've begun entering icontests again here lately, hense the new set of icons to post. My dear graphics muse found out I got a new Photoshop (I retired Grimm, now I have Hawk) and ran from her spot on the beach in Cabo to see it. It appears they like one another. LOL! Hope everyone enjoys them. I'm putting together my first tutorial as well. I've never done one before and I hope I can explain it without too much difficulty, but it will be an intermediate level one. I think there are enough beginner ones floating around. But, I'm always willing to answer questions.

1-10: Gerard Butler related icons
11-13 Lauren Bacall icons
14-49 misc icons (various icontests included as well)

Included also:
1 misc banner
1 Gerard Butler FO banner and 1 Gerard Butler email/messageboard signature
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