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New Erik fanfiction story, The Killing Moon

Hi!  Okay, here is my new fanfiction story.  Its far different than my other Erik stories as its modern and a little supernatural, but I hope you'll all read it and review it here and over at  Here is the link to my profile, as the story was just put up and its not on the listings yet. 

If anyone wants to read my other Erik fanfiction, go to

Until then, you can read it here.


Again, it drew itself closer until they were a mere inches apart. The young girl’s eyes marveled over the creature, fascinated by its sleek black body and pale green eyes. The most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Not even her own Siamese cat, Ming, had such soulful, meaningful eyes. It was as if this strange feline seemed to know her, know her thoughts, her feelings.

Because, it did.

Here is the link to the story on

The Killing Moon

by: Erik's Belle Noire


August 1985

Rawdon, Quebec

The sleek, black beast ran alone over the tall ridge that loomed over the valley near the large river.

A voice.

No, not just a voice, but the soft sounds of laughter. The laughter of a female.

Going on instinct, he ventured down into the valley, then leapt onto the top of one of the rocks, his keen green eyes darkening as he scanned the horizon, his nose sniffing the warm air.

That’s where he spotted her.

The young girl, no more than fourteen, was laying back against the rocks below, a few feet from the river bank, sunning herself on the hot summer day. She seemed oblivious to the world around her, peaceful, quiet…and lovely.

She kept her eyes closed, the hot sun quickly drying her wet bathing suit. It didn’t take long for her to start drifting off to sleep, that is, until she heard the faint sounds of purring close to her right ear.

Unusual, she thought to herself, a cat out at the river like this?

But this was no cat.

When she turned her head, her lazy eyes finally gazed upon the sight next to her. Slowly, she sat up, her young mind still unaware of just how much danger she was in.

But this beast was no threat. At least, not to her.

“Where did you come from?” she asked with an innocent smile. “It’s so hot, you must be thirsty.”

The beast purred louder, inching closer, still sniffing.

Yes, she was the one, the same one it had visited before, her scent familiar. He knew he'd see her again.

“It’s okay; I have a sandwich in my bag if you want it.” She continued to speak to the beast as if it could understand.

But it could, for this was not just some ordinary beast.

Again, it drew itself closer until they were a mere inches apart. The young girl’s eyes marveled over the creature, fascinated by its sleek black body and pale green eyes. The most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Not even her own Siamese cat, Ming, had such soulful, meaningful eyes. It was as if this strange feline seemed to know her, know her thoughts, her feelings.

Because, it did.

“Lexa…just remain still, sweetheart.”

She turned towards the voice to find her father, standing about twenty feet away at the bank of the river. He had a large stick in his hand and she noted he looked frightened, but she couldn't understand why.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” she asked softly. “It’s just a big cat.”

Just a big cat? Her father inhaled sharply. It was the biggest, most menacing black panther he’d ever seen. In all the years he’d come to Rawdon, he’d never seen anything close to it. How on earth did it get here? Panthers were definitely not native to Quebec. He noted the panther’s ears were not slicked back, nor did its stance appear to be threatening or cornered. Someone’s tamed pet that had gotten loose, he figured, or at least he hoped so for his daughter’s sake, but he was not taking any chances.

“Just back away slowly, closer to me.” He instructed her, but she didn’t appear to be phased. She’d already turned her head back to the panther and was reaching out to touch its soft black fur.

“Lexa…no.” he tried to scream as his heart leapt into his throat, but he didn’t want to startle the panther, so it came out much tamer than he’d wished.

Besides, it was too late. She started scratching behind the panther’s ear and was amused when it leaned against her hand and began to purr louder. She giggled to her father, “See, he only wants to be petted. Isn’t he beautiful?”

He was indeed a beautiful animal, her father could see that clearly, but it was also very dangerous. “That’s fine, but do what I say and come here, leave the…cat…alone, we need to go back to camp.”

The disappointment showed over the girl’s face. The panther was licking the side of her wrist with an affection she hadn’t even seen out of Ming. She didn’t want to be away from it, but she did as she was told. She stood and looked down at the panther, wishing with all her might that she could turn away from it long enough to grab her camera. This, she definitely wanted to capture on film.

“Lexa, now sweetheart.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She said towards him, then turned back to the panther, “I have to go now, sorry. Bye.”

And with that, the panther, seemingly understanding her words, shot a protective glance at her father, then leapt up the rocks and disappeared, leaving the young girl to do nothing but sigh sadly, figuring she’d never see it again.

She was wrong.

Chapter One:

Early January 2007

Rawdon, Quebec

The smell of fresh cut grass on a warm, humid day. The sound of birds flapping their wings, crickets chirping at nightfall. The sound of the water trickling over the rocks, the coolness of it as it runs over your feet, refreshing, soft…

Lexa Gordon let out an exasperated breath of pure longing. Yes, she loved the outdoors, she felt more comfortable there than she did anywhere and with most anyone.

Until today.

This particular Friday afternoon, she found herself stranded, her car stuck in a snow bank after skidding on a patch of ice on the narrow back roads of the western Quebec countryside. The area was secluded and almost devoid of people, which was the way she preferred…during the warmer months, that is. Now, she sat angrily as her engine died, flooded out from the effort of trying to dig out of the bank.

Cursing herself for not taking the more traveled road, she grabbed her cell to call her best friend, Tasha for help. Her boyfriend, Bobby, had a four wheel drive truck, he could pull her car out. It would only take them about a half hour at the most to get from Montreal, with the heat left in the car and a decent working battery, surely she could survive until then.

Or so she thought.

The cell signal died as quickly as the engine and she slapped at it in utter frustration. “Work, damn you!” she cried, as if screaming at it would somehow make it function properly. It was no use. So far away from the nearest working cell tower, plus the snowy sky and lessening visibility made it impossible to get anyone.

Great idea, Lexa…she mocked herself…you wanted to drive to Rawdon…you wanted to take pictures of the snowfall on the water…brilliant…

Throwing on her thick coat, her gloves and hat to start building body heat that would brace her against the cold that would begin to seep through the poorly insulated car, she huddled down, wondering what to do next. Surely a car would pass, eventually. She waited to see lights as she reached for her flashlight out of the glove compartment. She flicked it and was relieved to see that it worked. At least something did.

Between the fog that was forming on her windshield and her misty eyes, she could see the snow falling harder and harder, the wind picking up, making it almost pitch dark in the late afternoon. She tried the car radio to get a current weather report.

More snow expected….blizzard conditions….new warnings…road closings…people advised to stay indoors….

Now she’d done it. Again, she cursed her stupidity. She had just wanted some rest from a stressful three weeks at her new job…a photographer for Modern Botanist Magazine.

She’d dreamed of being a photographer all of her life, since she’d begged her mother for her first cheap little 35mm camera…a gift for her eighth birthday. Since then, she took pictures of everything she saw…her new kitten, Ming, her brother Sammy, the neighbor’s flower garden. Nothing was off limits.

Then the day of her twelfth birthday, her Father, Brice, showed her Rawdon and her life changed. Just having moved the month prior to Montreal, her father’s hometown, from Cincinnati, she was homesick and wishing for the birthday party she’d been promised, but knew now would never happen. Yet, when he threw her and the family in the car for the short trek north, she had no idea what awaited her. At first, the shock of having all of her Cincinnati friends shout Happy Birthday to her the moment she stepped out of the car, overshadowed the beauty of the area. At the camp her parents had set up, she was simply having too much fun dancing to the music blasted from three car stereos at once, gawking at the enormous birthday cake and swooning over her present, her very first professional camera, to notice much else. But, the next day, after saying her goodbye, she couldn’t wait to tear open her camera. As her father sat behind her, watching proudly, she spent the rest of the weekend capturing the beautiful landscape.

Those very same photographs still hang in her mother’s home in Cincinnati.

An hour passed. The sudden car radio static made Lexa jump. The battery began to fade and with it, the heater. She held tight to the flashlight, praying the batteries would hold, hoping against hope she wouldn’t be left in the darkness, as well as the cold.

A second hour passed. No cars. The snow fell harder, making visibility almost nil, the wind picking it, almost wailing. Lexa shivered mercilessly against the cold, knowing minute by minute that passed would be less likely someone would spot her silver sedan in the snow, but knew that venturing out for help wasn’t much safer. But at least, out on the road, she could try to flag down someone using the flashlight, anyone who might come close. The main road couldn’t be that far away, could it?

Holding tight to the flashlight, she opened the door, pushing against the pile of snow already built up beside it. She slid out, pulling her hat tightly over her ears and the scarf over her mouth and nose. The wind almost blew her over but she started up the small dirt road, or what was left of the road that she could see. Her flashlight shining, she trudged through snow that was almost ankle deep now in spots, wishing she had worn a better pair of winter boots. Her feet and ankles began to ache, her socks not nearly enough to shield her skin from the inevitable frostbite. She felt it to her bones, her shivering was no longer sufficient enough to help generate heat.

A mile, maybe more, she could now no longer see the car, could barely see her hand before her eyes. How far had she gone?

Yes, just a little more….a little more…she walked, trying to talk to herself to keep alert. Someone will happen by…

Temperatures dropping rapidly. Confusion set in quicker than she anticipated. Where was that damn main road?

She recognized nothing now, no familiar landmarks. There were only trees, endless rows of trees that seemed to stretch upward into nothingness, gray blankets of snow and cold….lots of cold.

Everything began to blur…tunnel vision set in…became almost black and white, the sound of the whirling wind deafening. She stopped and leaned against a tree…

To rest, just to rest…

…the flashlight falling to the ground, her cold hands unable to hold it any longer, her mind racing…


…she was going to die out there….and no one would ever know.

Oh dear God…tell everyone how sorry I am for being so stupid, I just wanted to…she prayed softly, her mind hazy as her body slumped down to the ground in exhaustion, unable to feel her legs anymore.

Please…let someone find me before the buzzards do…

Then, darkness.

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