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20 July 2008 @ 09:17 am
A new, but smaller batch of icons that I'm used to, plus some banners and wallpapers!  
Introducing my first set of Twilight graphics!
(hears ravenroxanne scream "I knew it!!)
There's not a ton here like I usually do, but I'm still having to bring back my muse from Cabo where he's moonlighting as a cabana boy for rich widows. I think some of the colors are a bit dark this time, but again, you all know I tend to experiment. :p

2 Gerard Butler - Beowulf icons
3 Tudors icons
8 Twilight trailer icons
25 Twilight text icons (Edward and Bella...okay, mostly Edward...)
12 misc stock icons

Included also:
2 Twilight banners
1 Sir Guy (Robin Hood - BBC series) wallpaper
1 Twilight wallpaper

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The rest here at crimson_iink

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