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Kind words make good echoes.

❦ greeneyedmissy's livejournal ❦

Crazy Cheeky Girly Geek

I am...
wife. mother of 3. graphic artist. author. avid LJ'er. loves all things, naughty and fattening. forty-something 80's rocker chick. closet shower singer & believer in happy endings.

I love meeting and adding new people to my f-list, however, I tend to be a private person, so unless I know why you've added me, I won't add you back. Comment here and tell me about yourself and what our common interests are and I'll be glad to add you back. I won't add anyone with an empty journal, period.

I do...

by: olde_fashioned

I mod crimson_iink, grafx_challenge and unlockedswag

I co-mod (part time) gerrychallenge and poto_stillness

Icontest banners!

rocker chick blinky by: winterlillies

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LJ Layout: Circular, by chasethestars, modified by me.

I love...

Vintage fashion, Phantom of the Opera, True Blood, X-Men, Robin Hood, North & South, Hex, Coupling, 300, PSILY, making graphics, photoshop, writing, fan fiction, music, my kids, Christmas, icontests, Paris, Scotland, family, Victorian period England, Regency period England, Vampire Novels

My Fav Ships:
Eric/Sookie, Sam/Tara, Erik/Christine, Norrington/Elizabeth, John/Margaret, Guy/Marian, Logan/Jean ;)

by: icherisherik

I thank...

Mood themes:
Gerard Butler - me
Phantom of the Opera - me
Kurt Halsey - girlboheme @ frostianmoods
Masters of Photography - girlboheme @ frostianmoods
Dear Frankie - alovelyfix @ lolaboxx
Ratatouille - upsa_daisy
Planet Earth - upsa_daisy
Finding Nemo - upsa_daisy
Screen Legends - _a_s_h_l_e_e_
That 70's Show - magique_icon
Robin Hood - magique_icon
True Blood Season One - btifulnightmare here (Note: No Eric but still great!)
Being Human - rescuedsoul
Onion Heads animated - here at attic_oddities

Profile gif banner made by me using lyrics from the song Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen.
Profile banner made by spooky_window Profile update: June 18, 2017.

by: sommertiara
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